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It is a fundraising phenomenon! No matter what your citrus choice, your group can buy by the truckload and sell by the carton to make an incredible profit!!!!


It is good for building your group’s treasury at an accelerated speed with each truckload sale. We offer sweet and juicy citrus November through March, so your organization can plan monthly sales all season long.  We supply you Red grapefruit, as well as an assortment of oranges including Navels, Mandarins, and spring oranges.

With all these varieties you will have built-in repeat customers order period after order period! Why? Because Golden Harvest sells only top quality, healthy citrus. In today’s health-conscious environment, a fundraiser with a healthy bonus is a big plus.  Nationally advertised and known throughout North America, Golden Harvest is proud of its product and service!!


Yes!!!  Any nonprofit organization, no matter the size, can take advantage of our program.  Our minimum order is 100 or 150 whole-box equivalent, depending on your location.  If your group is as small as twenty-five people, each person’s minimum goal will only be four whole boxes. But don’t stop with your minimum order.  Keep in mind – the more you sell, the more you earn.  You can aim for a full truckload!!

A full truckload has its perks. Carrying approximately 1,000 4/5th whole cartons, your private 72 foot truck/trailer loads at the packing house, and drives straight to your delivery point, arriving at your requested time.  It insures your delivery precisely when and where you want it. And as an extra bonus, there is a discount on the price!!

Golden Harvest Fruit Sales works well for any type nonprofit group whether it is a school, a school club, a service group, church, or vocational or fraternal organization.  Size is no object. And fruit sales are fun. They are a great way for members to be involved in a true community project and participate in a major accomplishment – AT NO RISK!!


NONE! You order only what you have PRE-SOLD. Group members should start selling a few weeks before the monthly order date. Only the fruit you have commitments for is ordered. While the minimum order is 100 or 150 4\5th cartons, we do encourage you to order a few extra of each variety in case you need replacement pieces, and for the people not ordering on time, or needing additional boxes.


Putting together a fruit sale is as easy as counting the fingers on one hand.





Then – count your profit and CELEBRATE!!!!                   


Your group should elect a sales coordinator and a first and second assistant. The treasurer should also be a member of the team. Choose an outgoing, go-getter to be in charge of publicity.  Salespeople should sell to their relatives, friends and neighbors.

Part of the initial planning for your group is to determine a reasonable selling price. Golden Harvest provides you with a range of “recommended selling prices”.  This information is found next to your “fruit with freight” on the Fall Price Sheet (green).  It is up to you to decide what is appropriate for your area.

How do you sustain enthusiasm throughout the sales period? Show results! Design a sales chart to show the overall progress the team is making. Think about incentives for teams and individuals. Reward your high achievers.  Some of our groups have prizes for the top sellers (gift cards are most popular). Have a party (pizza, skating) for everyone who sold at least one box of fruit. Be creative! There is no limit to what your group can accomplish with a little motivation!


We will send you a Schedule Report (orange) in mid-September (this is also available online).  This has your order and delivery dates for the season. Begin taking orders two to three weeks before you have to place your order with Golden Harvest. If you plan a monthly sale you can take orders for the following month when your customers pick up their fruit. Assign someone to this job on delivery days.  Remember to set your deadline a day or two before your order date to give yourself plenty of time for last minute phone calls to insure you meet or exceed your goal.


An important part of any successful sales drive is publicity. Let the community know about your fundraising effort this can be accomplished WITHOUT paid advertising. Make a list of all the local media you can think of: daily and weekly newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. Contact their advertising departments, and let them know who you are and what you are doing.  Some of them will give you free ad time if it is for a community project. The targets for press releases are the who, what, where, when, and why of your sale. Start the releases early and keep them coming. Don’t forget school and church bulletins, flyers, house to house contacts, and posters for store windows and other locations. You will want to list a phone number for people to call and place their orders.

Golden Harvest offers a selection of free advertising materials including postcards, posters and order brochures. The only cost is the UPS shipping charge which will be added to your invoice.  Advertising materials are sent by request only.  Please call or visit our website to order once you have signed up.


Once your advertising has begun, make sure to have people available to take the orders. Set up an answering machine if possible, and pass out forms for people to fill out and turn in. Be sure to make your cutoff date a day or two before your scheduled order day. On your scheduled order day, you can place your total order online.  We also offer online ordering for your customers; call us for more details.  You will need your account number and password located at the top of your Price Sheet or Schedule Report.  Enter them on our website at   You are always welcome to call in your order if you find it easier. 

Your Golden Harvest fruit is then handpicked at the peak of ripeness, loaded fresh at the packing house, and delivered to your site by refrigerated truck. Value, universal appeal, and assured quality – that is Golden Harvest.  Citrus has proven itself over and over as a super money-maker for groups of all kinds, all over the country. Golden Harvest Fruit Sales is not only regulated by The Department of Citrus standards, but also by the extremely high and rigid standards set by our family, to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer only the best!!!


Volunteers must be on hand to unload the truck at your facility. The driver does NOT help unload. Once you have confirmed your box count, the driver will ask you to sign for the delivery, and you can begin to distribute your fruit.  In the unlikely and rare event the box count is off, or there is any other delivery issue, documentation MUST be made on the driver’s paperwork when signing for the fruit.  This will allow you to receive the appropriate invoice adjustment or credit.  Have a team responsible for loading fruit into customers’ cars, one collecting money and new orders for next month, and one verifying customers’ fruit does not show any damage. We strongly encourage you to order a minimum of one box of each variety you sell as extras.  You will want these in case you need to replace a piece of fruit.  In the rare event you encounter shortage or spoilage, please call us within 48 hours of delivery in order to receive the appropriate credit.  Photos are required on considerable amounts of spoilage.  Please let your customers know they must notify you immediately if replacement pieces are needed.  You may also want to order a few extra of the most popular varieties for those folks who didn’t get their orders in on time, or have found they need additional boxes.

It’s time for the GOOD NEWS! Once your treasurer tallies the receipts and deducts all disbursements you have your PROFIT! Reaching your sales goal should be announced to everyone.  While you’re celebrating, remember to file the names, addresses and telephone numbers of your customers, because very shortly you will want to mail a special notice or phone them of next month’s sale of Golden Harvest Fruit.                                                   

Now that your treasury is full, let us know what sales techniques worked best for you and which ones didn’t. We like to pass on ideas to our customers while also helping them avoid any pitfalls. Let us know what your funds are being used for: new computers, a new roof or parking lot, books, supplies, etc.  It makes our job so much more enjoyable when we know the benefits of all the hard work that goes into making your fundraiser successful!

Good Luck & Happy Fundraising!


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